I (Jay) have had a passion for art and craftsmanship my whole life. I was a dedicated artist from the age of 13 to 27. I started framing in the year 2000 because I was extremely interested in the craft and thought I would enjoy it. I was right! I excelled quickly, I loved what I was doing. Within 10 years I had done thousands of custom frame jobs for some of the best, and highest volume stores in the country.

I framed my way through school and discovered that I had another passion; Business. This passion has driven me to start my own custom frame shop (in 2011) and take it to the top of the list of trusted businesses for artists, galleries, collectors, and every day customers that want to frame or display their art or photos properly, and in a way that brings joy to their lives.

Jay’s Frames is still here and thriving today because we believe in a combination of hard work, dedication, continuous education, resilience, strong relationships, keeping open minds and ears, staying flexible, solving problems and maintaining a thirst to make and keep our customers happy. We have been able to develop a unique and fresh identity as well as a series of extremely efficient systems. Most importantly we’ve been able to create and sustain A highly skilled team that takes pride in what they do. A team that stays focused on the objective, and consistently delivers excellence.

We have developed and documented a standard of procedures for every aspect of the business,including: customer service, custom Framing, art handling,and designing. That insures that we control and guarantee that you and your piece of art or cherished photograph is handled and framed the best way possible, by people that truly care, know what they are doing, and love what they do.

No price hikes or sales gimmicks. Just a fair price for quality American made products, and great customer service. Our business has been mainly built from referrals, strong relationships with artists and collectors, and good online reviews. We love our customers.

We are your personal team of experts that treat every person with respect and every piece of art, memorabilia, or picture as if it is a cherished possession of ours, or one of our family members. Thank you Houston for all the love and support! We’re here when you need us.