Tips for selecting mats:

Mats are good for giving art and photos a space between the image and the frame. Mats also create a spacer for the glass to lay on, instead of putting glass directly on the image, which can cause damage to the image due to condensation when temperatures change. Without a mat or spacer, the image will most likely, after time, get permanently stuck to the glass and damaged forever. 

  • When designing with mats, try selecting a neutral color (not most dominant neutral color in the art) for the top or "main mat". This helps to create a mat design that doesn't get washed away or blend in with the art. Some more good top mat options are deep dark, and regale colors. Some "go to" top mat options for us are white, off white, cream, tan, grey, black, deep red or deep blue etc. For a "gallery look", a white mat with a white, black, or natural wood color frame always works well. And this also always looks good with photography.
  • Now that you have a top mat, you may like it the way it is, and if so, great. But I always like to look at a darker bottom mat (under the top mat) as well, just to see if it adds anything to the design, usually it does. I may pull a color from the art or a complimentary color of the frame. Show about 1/4" of the bottom mat, and it might make a world of difference to your framing deign. You want to contrast colors i.e. dark frame, light top mat, dark bottom mat, light art background, dark artwork or line work etc. We have found this to be very aesthetically pleasing and a design that stands the test of time.

Tips for selecting a frame:

  • The frame should compliment the piece, but not distract from it. Unless the objective is to go over the top with an elaborate frame design. If the art or photo has a light background and dark artwork or line work, a dark frame, (maybe matching or complimenting the dark art or line work), will look great. Another option is to do a monochromatic frame and mat design, i.e. a black frame and black mat (or any similar colored frames and mat combinations) (a grey design is also a great way to go). This type of design always looks good, and keeps the focus on the art. 
  • You may want to add a colored frame to make things fun. In that case, I would also most likely select a color frame that is in the image, but not the most dominant color in the image. The color may not even be in the image, but thats whats fun about colors. There are no rules. If it looks good, it looks good, and color always makes people happy.
  • The classic and timeless "gallery style" frame design always works too. examples of this would be: white frame, white mat, or black frame, white mat, sometimes a natural wood tone. Galleries don't typically use a bottom mat. Usually its a single white or cream mat. In this case especially, we want our eyes to be drawn to the image, not the frame.
  • We sometimes keep home furniture and fixtures in mind when designing, but we generally like to design for the art (what looks good on that specific piece of art). Sometimes we keep the home decor and fixtures in mind when designing, and compliment accordingly.

Tips for selecting glass:

  • Glass has the ability to cut out glare almost to the point of being invisible. It also can protect the images and matting from fading in light. One thing is for sure; everything without UV filtering glass will fade, and faster than you'd think. Blue, red, and green are the first colors to fade. So we always recommend using conservation clear, or non glare/museum glass.


Can I create some designs on my device and save them to look at later, before making a purchasing decision?
Yes, however, you must add the items to your cart, or they will not be saved. You can always remove the items from your cart later.
Why are the frame and mat options so limited?
Studies have found that sometimes more options make it harder to decide. We uploaded a well rounded selection, and we will add more and rotate frames from time to time. If you have requests, please contact us and we'll be happy to work something out. We also have another design tool that has hundreds of frames to choose from. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please contact us and we will work up some designs for you and send them your way.
What is the average turn around time?
Usually 7-10 days.
What if I don't like the final product?
We will make necessary changes to make and keep you happy. Also, sometimes it's hard to get a true sense of what something is going to look like when shopping online, so before we start working on your order, we'll take a look, and if we notice something is off with the colors, or something doesn't look good (i.e. a cream mat on a white photograph), we will contact you, let you know what we discovered, and offer our suggestions to make the design look the best.
Can I buy frames and mats only (for my art) and put my art in the frames myself?
Yes. Just go through the "Fame Your Art" page and uploaded a photo of your art for designing purposes. We'll make the Frame accessible so you can put the artwork in yourself. We'll also walk you through it, or provide Instructions.
Can I buy frames only for my art and drop the art off at jay's Frames to be put into the frames by the Jay's Frames team?
How good is our printing quality?
At the highest level. Our Canon pro 4000 has a calibrated monitor, and custom paper profiles to insure we get a superior quality image, every time.
What steps are we taking to insure safety and cleanliness with our orders and delivery process during this difficult time with the Covid-19 Outbreak?
Our employees have been instructed to follow all CDC guidelines including washing their hands frequently and not coming to work if they are feeling ill, or if they have had contact with anyone that feels ill. We also use gloves, clean the final product, and wrap them in paper for protection.
Are there ever discounts available?
Yes. We post discounts and special offers regularly. Contact us to inquire.
Do I have to get my purchase shipped, or can I pick it up at Jay's Frames?
The choice is yours. We also offer delivery and installation upon request.