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We Keep the Process Clean and Simple

The designers and framers of Shop Jay's Frames can assist you in choosing the ideal materials for your needs. Not sure what frame, mat, or glass is best suited to your item? Talk to us and we can help you select from our wide range of options. 

Placing your order with Shop Jay's Frames is easy. You upload your item to our site and place your order using our convenient platform. Then, we get to work doing what we do best! In most cases, customers can expect to receive their orders between seven and ten days.

In addition to our professional mat and frame services, you can choose Shop Jay's Frames for ordering canvas and prints of your images. Canvas stretch your prints to the size you need. You can also consult with our design pros about choosing the ideal materials for your custom frame, canvas, or print order.

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Do It Yourself Framing

Sometimes the most difficult part of getting your artwork or photograph hanging on the wall is choosing a mat and frame. Shop Jay's Frames features a wide selection of DIY framing materials to choose from for your artwork.

We are framing specialists. Our designers can help you select the ideal materials for your display.

Have an original piece of art, a print, or photograph that you want to frame yourself? You can rely on Shop Jay's Frames to find the right frame and mat for all your special items.

Simply upload the exact dimensions of your item to us and place your order. We'll ensure that the frame is unsealed so you can conveniently slip your item in for display.

Our selection of mats and frames is online, so you can browse to find the materials that best suit your artwork or photos. We can create a custom frame to your exact specifications. 

We are committed to keeping our prices as affordable as possible. We do this by purchasing our materials in bulk so we can pass the savings on to you.

Not sure you want to go the DIY frame route? No problem. You can also send us your physical item and we can professionally frame it for you at our workshop. Either way, you can expect the best-quality framing service for your items.

Don't see the materials you're looking for? Let us know! We may be able to accommodate your special requests. We often add to our inventory of frames and mats, so if you're interested in a color or style you don't see here, please tell us and we'll do our best to find what you're looking for.

Whether you opt for our DIY framing solutions or allow us to professionally frame your uploaded photographs and artwork, you can expect the finished product to be flawless.